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Cabarete Surfing

August 25, 2016 by admin

Encuentro Beach Surfing, Cabarete

Cabarete surfing is one of the main activities of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, and one of the reason many people travel to the North Coast. Encuentro Beach is the main spot, offering a complete set of options for novice as well as expert surfers. This beach is located between Kite Beach and Hideaway Beach, just minutes away from the center of Cabarete, by car.

students at the encuentro surfing school in Cabarete
Encuentro beach has several surfing schools with certified trainers.

Encuentro spans about a mile in width, with various surfing areas rated according to the surfer`s experience level:


  • The beginner area is located between Pahuana`s school and Bobo`s School. It extends about 20-50 meters into the ocean, and about 200 meters in width. The first 30 meters at a low 4-4.5 feet depth depending on the tide. It is a convenient area for those who start practicing surfing for the first time, teachers are very diligent and professional.


  • BOBO`S POINT:  A hollow, consistent right and left reef point,  favors right shifty peaks of varying quality. Epic and hollow when on, works best on clean straight N will stay clean when other breaks are a mess, breaks on any tide. It is located right after the beginner`s area.
  • THE LEFT: La Izquierda, a fast and hollow left reef break, shallow and sharp rocks and coral. Will break on any swell but favors NW, low tide always best. It is the third from the left side of the beach.
  • MAIN PEAK: La Derecha, as it is locally known, is a very consistent right and sometimes left over mellow coral reefs. Breaks on any swell direction and tide. Favors NE, but will have waves on any swell. This is the centermost point of Encuentro Beach, facing the Hideaway Beach community.


  • MINI TAVARUA: Super hollow, powerful left reef break, reef on the inside drain dry. Sharp coral. Located in the far left edge of Encuentro.
  • DESTROYER: Hollow, fast and powerful left reef break. Shallow and very sharp bottom, holds size and breaks best on N of NW swell. Low tide best. Strong rips, holds wind. This is the second spot from the left edge of the beach.
  • COCO PIPE: Heavy right reef break, epic and hollow when on, favors NE swell and high tide. Left is longer but less hollow, your best wave or worst wipeout. This spot is second from Encuentro`s right edge. SUP ( stand up paddle board ) is allowed in this area.
  • OUTERS: Long right and sometimes left reef point, a longer mellower version of coco pipe. Works on any swell but will favor NE, high tide best. This is the rightmost side of the beach.
map of surfing spots by category in Encuentro beach, Cabarete
Surfing Spots in Encuentro, by category.

There are about 12 surfing schools teaching in Encuentro Beach, and 8 with a learning center right on the beach, equipped with long and short boards, swimming outfit, shoes and power cords. Among the top schools there is Bobo`s, LG, Pauhana, Chino, 321 Take Off, Kele, Buena Onda and more. The full list below was added after a visit to Encuentro beach by the staff from Cabarete Villas by GT.