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August 21, 2016 by admin

Finding a lodge in Cabarete might seem easy for travelers with a good budget, specially older folks. For the younger, more laid back surfer there`s a range of low priced options in shared bedrooms, cottages and condos. Some are part of surfing or kite surfing packages that include meals and transportation, but most are openly able to just rent accommodations. Prices start at US$10.00 per night, and even if it looks too good to be true, it does work and it`s real.

Our top 4 choices are made among the ones we know, and got good reviews about. King Tide Lodge in Encuentro beach is a top choice due to its proximity to the surfing schools, and good weekly rates that start at US$169.00 per week ( around $24 per day ). They`re on Vista Del Caribe 33, Encuentro; Telephone 1-829-921-0571. Talk to Lenny or Lara. Pros: walking distance to all the surfing spots in Encuentro beach, including schools. Cons: need transportation; a moped, taxi, car rental or even a bicycle can do. It`s a very nice place to be.


King Tide Surf Lodge offers nice rooms, a large swimming pool, garden and beach access.

Be sure to ask about surfing and lodging package options, those two together will usually make a better offer than paying separately. Our following choice is the Laguna Hostel in Cabarete, near the lagoon within ProCab. This castle shaped building was redesigned to accommodate shared and individual rooms, and has a nice bar area with games, large TV, billiards table and a very nice swimming pool and gym.
The rooms are decorated with movie art, such as the wall sized Pulp Fiction characters of Vincent and Jules, or the big wall design of Jim Morrison of the Doors. Their rates start at $10-15.00 per night, quite a deal. They`re found at the end of the Procab main street, on what used to be Het Kasteelje. Call them at 1-829-804-6640. Last time we know of, the manager was Mara, a tall dutch blonde. Pros: right on Cabarete`s town. Cons: 20 minute walk to the beach, or need to call a motoconcho cab, costs about one dollar.

The Laguna Park Hostel is the most colorful option, with music and movie themed decoration.

All the rooms in the Laguna Park Hostel include lockers, and are kept in clean condition. Parking is available, and nearby rental agencies offer scooters, bikes, cars and SUVs.  On the other hand, one of the oldest surf and room lodges in Cabarete is Ali`s Cabarete Surf Camp, which has been around for a while now. This small hotel for surfers is also set on the lagoon area of Procab, Cabarete and has a nice colorful, tropical design with thatched roofing huts.
Their restaurant is a very complete option, and the surfing classes are offered through their own school in Encuentro beach. This surf camp also has apartments, besides the smaller cabanas ( bungalows ). Their rates being at $25 per night for a double room, slighly higher than other hostels due to the infrastructure – this is a higher standard.

Ali`s Cabarete Surf Camp is also in Procab, by far the largest and oldest of low priced lodgings.

One of the most interesting details of staying in the Cabarete area is the lagoon, and 3 of the 4 choices are at the edge of it, some offering boat trips and small dock areas. The final top choice in the list is the Laguna Hostel, which also has the Beach hostel – by far the cheapest beach front lodging in Cabarete.
This small hotel combines the best of both landscapes, beach and ocean shores, and lagoon living in lush green land. Rates are also low, starting at $10.00 but it means 4 beds in a room, about 8 people. Works great if you travel with friends or family for a few days on a very tight budget. Surfing Enthusiasts and young people love to stay in these lodges.

The Laguna Hostel and the Beach house are an excellent choice to stay at in Cabarete.

For those who can afford a private condo or villa rental, there`s a good selection of villas for rent in Cabarete with 2-6 bedrooms, beach and ocean front. Some travelers also take advantage of their stay in Cabarete to combine kite surfing classes with Spanish lessons. Several schools provide private and group teaching either in Sosua or Cabarete.  Dominican Spanish is a sort of variation from the original language from Spain, full of local notes and lots of slang terms.